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  • Elisabeth Haas
  • Training of Stress Management & Work Life Integration

Training of Stress Management & Work Life Integration

...for more quality and power in professional and private life



Identify own mechanisms and reasons why we often get caught in the „stress-trap“ and lose our appropriate Work-Life-Balance. Develop sensible and efficient „counterstrategies“. Find a friendly understanding for ourselves and learn to cope with stress in a healthier way. Define the currently best-fitting „Work-Life-Integration“ and act accordingly. Recognize own ressources to strengthen them on a daily basis to achieve more well-being in everyday life.


  • Identify own stressors and „inner drivers“ – develop efficient counterstrategies
  • Theory-inputs to stress and „Work-Life-Integration“ – how to identify personal warning signals and notice when the balance is getting lost
  • The „5 pillars of stress reduction“: information on a health-supporting life-style
  • First ideas about the individually best-fitting „Work-Life-Integration“: set personal targets to be implemented in everyday life
  • Information on (quick) relaxation techniques and how to regain power and concentration in breaks during work
  • Teamwork and experience exercises to find good strategies to strengthen the individual performance- and energy-balance


½ day (4 hours)


seminar room in Vienna


on request